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RX Battery


Say goodbye to range anxiety with up to 14 miles of commute-crushing range per charge. The Riptide R1X battery features the largest capacity standard battery of any short board on the market. Samsung 25R 2500mah high drain lithium-ion cells give the RX Battery more range, more peak power, and less voltage sag.

The RX Battery can also be purchased separately and installed on any R1 or R1 Elite by following these directions. It is fully compatible with Riptide standard and speed chargers.



The Riptide R1X battery is 6S4P (21.6v nominal / 25.2v max, 10.0Ah total), with Samsung INR18650-25R high-discharge lithium ion cells each capable of over 20A of continuous discharge.

The BMS is 30A continuous / 60A peak, with all standard safety protections, cell balancing, temperature monitoring, and over-spec’d components.

Running high-discharge cells in a powerful 4P configuration with 10.0Ah of high-drain capacity gives the Riptide a significant increase in range per charge, with enough amperage to handle heavy loads when it needs it.


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