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18 MPH
7 Mile Range

R1 Elite

20 MPH
8 Mile Range


22 MPH
14 Mile Range

Massive Power in a Compact Package

Designed in San Diego by lifelong skateboarders and surfers, Riptide was built on the belief that an electric skateboard can be super powerful and incredibly convenient, while retaining all the features that make an unpowered board great.

Riptide R1

Range: 7 Miles

Top Speed: 18 mph

Weight: 13 lbs

Wheels: 83mm 78a

Power: 1800W

Riptide R1 Elite

Range: 8 Miles

Top Speed: 20 mph

Weight: 14 lbs

Wheels: ABEC 11 90mm 75a

Head / Tail Lights by ShredLights


Both boards charge in 3.5 hrs. Upgrade to our fast charger for 90 min charging.


The R1 Elite Difference

With larger, softer wheels by industry-leading ABEC 11 adding speed and range, combined with head /tail lights illuminating your path, the R1 Elite is our top-of-the-line board.

Reviewers Love the Riptide

"The R1 is fast out of the gate, with the maneuverability of a standard-size deck. So far, it's come closest to what I've been looking for on all fronts: size, price and power." -Engadget

"When we started our review for the Riptide, we realized right away this electric skateboard was something special." -Digital Trends

"This is a whole different type of skating and its awesome." - ElectricWaveTV


Power is peak power. Downhill braking on a full charge is effective but limited. More questions? Check out our FAQ.